We take pride in getting to know our customers and understanding their individual requirements.

We are an established family Butcher who for many years have supplied the people of Lochaber (and further afield) with quality butchered game, meat, fish and poultry.

We offer a full service experience offering advice and recommendations. Most importantly we listen to our customers needs and do our best to supply the products needed.

We believe that if you care about what you are eating then it is important you’re your supplier does too. This is what is lacking in the impersonal Supermarket process where ‘one size fits all’ and the origins and welfare of the products are often clouded.

As people are becoming more concerned with sustainability, healthy living and nutrition, we have seen a significant increase in customers who feel uneasy about buying poor quality processed foods and are instead choosing quality over supermarket convenience. This change has seen a rise in popularity of game products in particular.

Good quality butchered products don’t have to cost an arm and a leg (pardon the pun). In fact the feedback we get from our customers is that they are surprised to pay similar prices as they would in Supermarkets without having to compromise on quality.

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Venison & Game
  KG Each
Haunch of Venison 13.45
Saddle of Venison 30.45
Venison Strip Loin 30.45
Medallions of Venison 33.49
Venison Steaks 14.45
Venison Meatballs 6.95
Shoulder Boned and Rolled 9.45
Shoulder Diced 9.49
Mince 6.49
Venison Burgers (homemade) 6.60
Venison Sausages (homemade) 6.60
Venison and Stornoway Sausages (homemade) 6.95
Game Pie Mix with Rabbit/Venison/Pheasant/Guinea Fowl 10.45
Stock Bones N/C
Venison Pate (1.25kg) 13.70
Grouse POA
Wood Pigeon 4.80
Pigeon Breasts 1.70
Whole Rabbit or Hare 9.45
Diced Rabbit 10.45
Whole Pheasants o/r 10.60
Pheasant Breast 5.09
Partridge 5.09
French Barbary Duck Breasts 11.95
Poussin 2.20
Corn Fed Chicken 7.05
Guinea Fowl 5.55
Guinea Fowl Supremes 2.90
Mallard Duck POA
Quail Bone in POA
Quail Boneless POA
Duck Legs 6.25
Corn Fed Chick Supremes 7.65
Pork Cheeks 4.60
Stuffing 6.25
  KG Each
Pork Meat 6.25
Chipolatas 5.95
Diced Pork 6.30
Spare Ribs 5.95
Fillet of Pork 9.90
Lion of Pork Boneless 6.05
Pork & Leek Sausages 6.15
Box of Pork Sausages 14.00
Pork Sausages 6.15
Jumbo Sausages 6.20
Belly Pork 5.35
Pork Steaks Marnaded in Cajun 6.25
Pork Steaks Chinese Style 6.52
Pork Cheeks 4.60
Cranberry Stuffing 6.60
Pork Shoulder 5.25
Meat Products
  KG Each
Mince 5.80
Stew 6.25
Diced Pad 8.25
Popeye Steak 10.65
Rump Steak 10.65
Ox Cheeks 5.99
Beef Ham 10.20
Rib Eye Steaks 18.00
Braising Steaks 10.60
Beef Olives 10.20
Whole Strip Loin 17.45
Sirloin Steaks 17.70
Minute Steaks 10.60
Beef Strips 10.60
Whole Beef Fillet 32.50
Beef Fillet Steaks 33.49
Roast Beef 8.70
Beefburgers 5.80
Homemade Lorne Sausages 5.95
Whole Rib Eye 18.00
Beef Shin 6.60
Chicken, Turkey, Goose
  KG Each
Fresh Chicken 4.25
Chicken Breast / Fillet 1.30
Chicken Legs / Thighs 3.45
Chicken Wings 3.45
Marinaded Cajun Chicken Fillet 1.65
Chicken Supremes (skin on) 1.70
Smoked Chicken Breasts 3.65
Chicken Livers 3.60
Geese POA
Chicken Balmoral 1.75
Chicken marinated with chilli, ginger and lime 1.65
Turkey Saddle 7.60
  KG Each
Whole Green Gammon b/r 6.15
Gammon Steaks 6.25
100% Honey Roast Ham 7.95
100% Honey Roast Ham sliced in tray 7.95
Quality Back Bacon 2.25 kg 9.40
Box of Bacon 4x2.25kg 37.15
Smoked Bacon 12.10
Pigs in Blankets 7.15
Ham Haughs 3.80
Pig Trotters 0.85
  KG Each
Racks of Lamb 16.25
Gigot Chops 11.29
Leg of Lamb 9.25
Leg of Lamb Boned & Rolled Gross 9.25
Saddle of Lamb 11.45
Loin Chops 11.25
Barnsley Chops 11.45
Rolled Shoulder 8.95
Diced Shoulder 8.95
Lamb Liver 4.85
Lamb Shank 4.09
Lamb Mince 8.60
Neck of Lamb Fillets 11.30
Lamb Gigot Marinated in Mint 12.25
  KG Each
Monkfish Tails 20.45
Sea Bass Fillets 17.70
Cod Fillets 12.10
Haddock 10.95
Smoked Haddock 11.30
Kippers 8.45
Atlantic Prawns POA
Peppered Mackerel Fillets 9.45
Smoked Mackerel Fillets 9.45
Salmon (gutted) 11.60
Salmon Steaks 11.45
Salmon Filleted (gross weight) 6.70
Salmon Filleted (net weight) 11.70
Gravlax 18.60
Smoked salmon (whole sides) sliced 17.90
Hot Smoked Salmon 18.60
Scallops 23.95
Whole Trout 9.60
Butterflied Trout Fillets 13.45
Selection of Sweet Herring 11.09
Langoustines 17.50
Sea Bream Fillets 17.70
Mussels (nett) 10.85
Crab Meat 11.60
  KG Each
Haggis Stick 6.80
Haggis Bung 7.25
Stornoway Black Pudding 6.95
White Pudding 6.95
30 Dozen Eggs (med) 36.80
Tray of Eggs 4.60
Oxtail 5.80
Barbecue Packs 10.60
Grill Packs 13.95
Breakfast Packs 10.60
Family Pack 29.10
Italian-made Meatballs 7.05
Fruit Pudding 7.25